August 24, 2012 Jaime Garcia

Ana Christina – A Grateful Heart

Sitting here just thinking about this past weekend. Words cannot express how overwhelmingly blessed I am and feel at the moment. I am blessed with an AMAZING church and friends and family, my aunts are beyond wonderful, I have the freedom to express my love for Christ without persecution, I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to lay in, I have a reunited family and only through Christ did that happen, I have a job, I have my needs met every day, only because God loves me. He allowed me to wake up another day. And said “try again” and yet again we seem to fail and He still loves us the same.

This past weekend was a blessing in itself and God never seizes to amaze me, that is how it should be every single day, because God’s vastness is so great that those who truly love him should never get bored with him. Every single day there is more to learn, every single day there is more and more of God. Every single day, as He lets you rise again, take that opportunity and live like he has called you to live, it is easy to live in the word and be part of it, I challenge you to be in the world, but NOT OF THE WORLD and be SET APART.

Ana Christina with Waves of Faith Fort Worth, Texas.