Curt Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth-Reach, Inc. which operates full-service residential programs for at-risk, troubled and delinquent boys ages 12 to 21.

After being raised in a balanced Christian home and educated in a Christian academy, Curt left his hometown of Mobile, Alabama to seek his fortunes in Houston. He was backslidden and full of anger, and spent several years pursuing the evil of this world before coming to a true faith in Christ in 1984. Along with his newfound commitment to Christ came a passion for the hurting and troubled kids that his former lifestyle had brought him into contact with. Returning to the streets of Houston with a different message, one of faith and hope, made Curt aware of the vast numbers of damaged and delinquent young people that had no alternative if they wanted to escape the cycle of drugs, crime and elicit sex. Thinking that he would soon find that elusive alternative, he began taking homeless street kids into his apartment in late 1984. The first boys were drug addicted, alcoholic, HIV infected kids from Houston’s notorious Montrose district.

It soon became apparent that the Lord was directing Curt to begin a program to meet the challenging needs of these kids. With no experience, connections or education in this area of ministry he simply started to do it, and the Lord met the needs. Miracle after miracle took place. Soon, a respected group of men and women were assembled as Youth-Reach Houston’s first board, and area churches began to offer support.

In 1985, Youth-Reach was chartered in The State of Texas and later the first home was licensed to operate as a Foster Group Home to allow for the legal care of juvenile boys. Curt was married to his wife Shelley in 1988 and together they have seven kids of their own to go with the many boys that they have touched. Since 1984 Youth-Reach has been home to over 2500 kids.

Curt serves as the Executive Director over the Houston operation as well as over Youth-Reach Gulf Coast, located on 81 acres east of Summerdale, Alabama. He regularly speaks at conferences, retreats, youth camps, and churches. He most treasures the opportunity to speak to parents who are struggling to raise adolescent kids through his RESOLUTIONS Parenting seminars. His twenty-nine years of experience ministering to kids that range from street kids to the children of the privileged has given him a unique perspective and insight into the many challenges that these kids face.

Curt is available to speak to your group and may be booked by calling 281-459-4555, or by email at