Hector Sotelo born in Mexico City in 1980 is a worship leader, songwriter and producer.
He has been serving the local church since he was a boy and has been leading worship for 25 years. He got signed and recorded his first album with CanZion in 2003. “El Lugar” was nominated for two Premios Arpa and it was played all over the US and latin america on both secular and christian radio reaching number one on the charts with the song “La Viña” which opened doors for Hector to reach numerous people with the message of the gospel. In 2006 he signed with Integrity Music and recorded the album “Una Vez Mas” which was also nominated in two categories for Premios Arpa and also did very well in radio play. In 2007 He was featured in Charisma Magazine as one of the top modern worship leaders on their “it’s a Worship Revolution” issue. In 2013 Hector recorded his third album with Integrity Music which got nominated for a Dove award in the “Best Spanish Language Album” category.

Even though Hector was a “signed artist” he never stopped leading worship at his local church. His calling and passion has always been worship through music and He always understood the importance of serving in the local church. A pastor’s kid from a small church never thought he would travel the world leading people in worship but God had a plan for his life which was bigger than he had imagined. “Worshipping as a church is a powerful thing that goes way beyond musical style and personality, it’s God’s grace and love manifested through his people as we sing to Him and for His glory” Hector says.

Currently Hector lives with his wife and daughter in Houston TX. Where they serve together at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

“People have asked me why I only sing worship music, why I don’t pursue a career in secular music, my answer is very simple, This is what I was born to do” Hector Sotelo.