August 27, 2012 Jaime Garcia

Thank You for Serving

We had over 1,800 in attendance at the 2012 Unique Week Conference.

There were 21 churches from out of Houston that participated in Unique Missions impacting inner-city communities with evangelism and ministry projects. There were 107 salvations, 26 rededications, and 80 called to the ministry at the 2012 Unique Week Conference.

Unique Student Ministries outreach program has impacted the lives of many young people over the years. The impact is not only during the summer conference, but throughout the year with mission opportunities, discipleship, and a mentoring program for future leaders in our communities and churches.

Many were truly blessed in seeing God’s provision through ministries and individuals who served this summer.
Thank you for being a part of this vision and for partnering with us in making a difference in the lives of inner-city congregations and communities.

Serving you,
Jaime Garcia